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Years of
Developing Digital Brands

Product Developer and Digital Brand Creator, specialized in Branding, Product Growth and Strategy.

Customer Acquisition

My goal of this process is to create a systematic, sustainable customer acquisition strategy that can evolve with new trends and changes.

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Software Engineer

Participated in the development of famous softwares accross Africa like GT and IBLT softwares of Takaful Africa and many other during my stay in Vivacom Ltd and outside.

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Product Growth Strategy

My team and I are the brains behind Holma Livestocks brand development and its market recognition in the horn of Africa and its expansion to the Middle East.

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People buy wants and not needs, this is psychology; Going further, you can also think of marketing psychology as a way to look for patterns in humans and assess how this relates to their purchase decisions, I do best.

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Companies I Have Worked With

2021 - Present
3 by 3rd Goal

3 by 3rd goal is an aim of making 3 companies stable and impacting by the 3rd year of there launch. I founded 99 Business Solutions which later founded and hosted 3 other techno companies that aim to bring revolutionary change to our society and environment. click here to learn more about the 3 companies.

2020 - 2021
Software Engineer,
Vivacom Ltd.

Worked alongside other expert developers to implement some of the most advanced insurance and management softwares in Africa. Practiced linux administration during my stay in vivacom ltd.

Freelance Software Engineer.
Filatec Inc, DevReg Consulting, Gird Global Org etc

Designed and developed software solutions and web developments to solve pain points for various clients. Developing bespoke, complex mobile and web applications that enabled users of different departments to carry out tasks, one of the softwares included over 5 modules; HR, Finance, Sales, Admin, Coordinator etc. Did best in development and implementations of software solutions based on clients' requirements.

Software Developer,
Vivacom Ltd.

Collaborated with various international developers to bring to live IBLT, a pure PHP software for Takaful Africa for the insurance of livestocks.

IT support,
AgriBridges Inc.

Administering the IT department’s procedures. Installation and support of the telecommunications equipment. Responsible for the company’s online presence and digital marketing developments e.g website Responsible for maintaining backups for project work and all company documentations.

AgriBridges Inc.

IT support

I use top leading methods in my work.

Known for business & techno creativity and driving aggressive growth, I am an unrelenting bottom-line driver with a remarkable track record of spearheading business expansion of technology driven businesses in the fields of:

Product Growth Strategy
Customer Acquisition
Software Planning & Development

Professional awards and honors I've reached.

At the end of the day i aspire to be the happiest, the most succesful, the most obedient to the almighty and the best version of myself.

Queen Mariam Show

To appear on 3rd of December 2021

Forbes Africa, Founder of the year

Contestant for the 3 by 3rd companies.

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* Work Overview.


Kien Hester

We thank Shueib Ali for the wonderful job in helping us develop our program. He was professional, excellent and hard working. Thanks to him, we were able to achieve our goal on time, and we look forward to continue working with him in the future.

Damien O'Ryan

Mr. Ali and his team took a dated and neglected website with minimal branding and created an industry best! Team created and delivered the elevated message we were looking for.

Filatec Inc
Chanelle Reed

We have received several comments from new and existing clients that our new site really captures who we are and what we do - the best possible compliment to a company. I would give Shueib and his team my highest recommendation.


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I enjoy meeting new people, hearing new perspectives and bulding connections.

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