To get something you never had, you have to do something you

The Goal.

Having worked as a startup strategist & software engineer, today i opt to take a different path - starting a company, oh yeah! many did that already but whats' different this time?

Starting 3 companies under 1 mother company and taking all to a stable position within a scope of three 3 years. Yes the experienced ones will say it's impossible or crazy but how will we know if we don't try!

3 by 3rd is what we will call the journey. Do not forget to join our newsletter subscribers to not miss this revolutionary step.

Travel & Discovery App

Discava App is a mobile application for those who truelly care about experiences. Discava allows users to to explore, discover and share amazing unique outdoor places while travelling and at their locales.

Online Grocery MarketPlace

Dime Cart is an online whole food and grocery retail market making the highest quality, healthy and sustainable products available for every budget and for all kinds of family class.


PayPark is a contactless parking payment solution that offers users a cashless and contactless entry and exit of parking stations with the new LPR technology in use.

We are business strategy & development
team that is proud of
their work.

Once you have your vision, the fog lifts and your road map starts to become clear again, we really thought about this for quite a long time now and we realized that nobody is going to drive the car for you-you've got to put in the work to archive your goals and make the change of improving people's lives because that's our number 1 cause to business.

Consistence, daily practice is how we make that happen and for sure with your support we gonna make it happen.