Discava App is a mobile application for those who truelly care about experiences. Discava allows users to to explore, discover and share amazing unique outdoor places while travelling and at their locales.

Discava is an excellent way of trying out new restaurants and dinner places, getaway destinations, fun and picnic sites you never thought existed or wanted to try, inshort "the travel toolbox", with a powerful realtime data presented.

Tour & Discovery
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Most loved!
  1. THINGS TO DO or PLAN MY DAY tab - This tabs offers discava users a feature that gives them a fully planned day or routine to follow that lists incredible unique places to visit and things to try out, from morning to evening (ofcorse the user chooses desired time frame). For example what to do this saturday, discava suggests that you have a breakfast at java house CBD then proceed to Ngong hills, visit karura forest for a bike ride then take dinner from this restaurant then go bowling and then home, and many other try-outs.

  2. HOW ARE YOU FEELING TODAY - this feature will generate of what to do in reference to your mood. For example, planning to go for a date, this feature suggests the hottest and most 5 star rated dinner sites or lets say you had a long week at work this feature gets the best getaway places in your locate same as other different moods like feeling sad etc.
Other benefits of Discava;
4. Write and share experiences and rate places, by doing this users will earn rewards and later on win or get discounts on restaurants and shoppings, and can redeem their earnings anywhere in the world.

5. Users can search for places or simply select a city and discava will list unique places in that city or users can filters their search by e.g kids friendly, dinner, coffee work friendly, supermarkets etc.

6. The most amazing part is Discava user registration and usage is totally free of charge.