OpenOffice is an online commercial real estate agency that allows users to book monthly, weekly, bi-weekly or one-off ready move-in workspaces online, with imminent confirmation and amazing price inclusive benefits.

Helps clients discover, create and connect world class workspaces. Contract Free and No deposit required to book workspaces with OpenOffice.

Commercial Real Estate
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Solutions & Services.

For businesses and companies of all sizes, OpenOffice provides move-in-ready and flexible workspaces to help businesses adapt to uncertainty.

Growing businesses have been facing workspace challenges for a time now, OpenOffice commits to solve some of the most faced challenges;

  1. Price is an important concern for small growing businesses, startups, freelancers, gig workers yet deposits and high prices are demanded by the space letters.

  2. Landlords demand contracts and commitments before renting out their spaces to businesses and individuals looking for workspaces.

  3. Employees or office workers tend to be discouraged and bored by working at one location everyday.

Some services of OpenOffice are;
  1. Co-Working Spaces - OpenOffice offers desk memberships with excellent co-working environment for productivity, innovation and connecion.

  2. Private Offices - Personalized private offices that are fully furnished and well equiped for long or short term.

  3. Meeting Spaces - With OpenOffice's fully equiped conference rooms, we provide meeting spaces in accordance with your team capacity and your choosing.

  4. Business Expansion - OpenOffice says ' do not limit the production of your team and business because of your workspace. Reduce the cost and work healthier with a smarter workspace.'


OpenOffice is committed to perform at its best, working for the convenience of every individual and business. Remember the below listed benefits are all price inclusive of every single service purchased:

  1. Nearest Location - Urgently need an office? OpenOffice finds you the nearest workspace among its 25+ loactions in Nairobi to minimize wait time.

  2. Financial Planning - Budget is an important concern for your business. we will utilize spaces in accordance to your budget for your team to fit perfectly and work healthier.

  3. No Long Term Contracts - Easy right? just walk in and get to work immediately. No deposit required, cancel the subscription anytime.

4. Refreshments - Refresh your mind with unlimited coffee and tea while you work. also all OpenOffice's spaces have an on-site restaurants.

5. IT Enabled - All spaces are equiped with all your IT needs; fast secure wifi, copier, printer and scanner machines. All price inclusive.

6. Support - OpenOffice provide continual delivery of supperior technical and management support while simultaniously providing industry leading customer satisfaction and support.