Digital Startup Strategist

I help people fall in love with brands.

Having an idea is easy but building it to a brand is another totally different story. I love to dig into customer problems and solve them with modern technology. I create, scale and optimize product portfolios that matter. To accomplish this I focus on key results, build amazing teams and quickly adapt to new insights, my goal is to help entrepreneurs and business owners develop reliable and proven marketing and sales systems NOT only to get more sales but to do so without pressure and by building a lasting relationship.

I'm committed to building brands that everyone wants to be associated with!

I am an enthusiast of technology driven businesses and more of 'i don't care who gets the credits, i just want to win' person.

I have big ideas & dreams, lots of people have big ideas & dreams. Execution is what matters, and i do execution.

When am not working am most likely planning a long road trip, watching Tedx clips on YouTube, reading anything i can find on life or business technology or simply thinking.

At the end of the day i aspire to be the happiest, the most succesful, the most obedient to the almighty and the best version of myself.

Are you an Entrepreneur?

We share the same goal and are travelling the same path, that means we have something incredibly special in common only that we just haven't met yet.

Its time to break the norms, the cycle! lets fuel our goal "FREEDOM". I share ideas of how to stop trading time for money rather creating value and trading it for money.

Well in simple terms telling people to stop chasing money instead to set a trap (Business).

Back in 2008 at just 11 years old, I created a lamp out of dead torch bulbs and used batteries, sold and distributed to over 1000 homes in 10 days in a small town I lived in (Gurar). Although am not a fan of physics anymore, the spirit of creating and selling are still in me.

My business cards say such things as business developer, product designer and startup strategist. But when you get right down to it, I’m much more – I’m a writer, learner and a good listener of old people's stories and advices.

In my weekly newsletter and articles "Learn With Shueib", I share ideas and observations about the future of work, entrepreneurship and personal growth. Lets learn together and break the cycle.

How i can help you?

Businesses are meant to create commonty, support society and owners to live their dreams. I help entrepreneurs start and grow the businesses of their dreams and then make people fall in love with their brands.

Over 20 of my collegues and close connections are Eastern Africa's tech founders, some succesful and some growing smarter after fails.

It's said that the fastest way to reach a goal is to learn from those who travelled the same journey, who have already achieved what you are aiming at!

Ok, a joke?

What do you call a bee from America?
...USB : )

If you’re committed to more customers, better qualified leads, and higher profits we should talk.