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"Young Us".

What, How & Why of the new generation

Covering interviews, legendary talk shows & discussions, real life experiences, pathways and advices, the book "young us" is aimed to help these new generation overcome some of the most commonly experienced life challenges.

Today every youngster out there is sad, depressed, addict, hopeless more than ever saying s/he doesn’t understand his/her life or i feel like the earth is closing on me, and many other heart-shuttering things. This new generation has needs and behaviour.

From the writers!

We feel buried by too much thoughts, insecurities, mentally crushed by the go go go of a busy life and lacking in purpose?

It's not just you, We know the feeling, we've been there!

Culture tells us this is what mordern life is - the overwhelm of stress, mental-breakdowns and the feeling of emptyness - but its a lie!

In life we don't get what we want rather what and who we are, and these book says it all, self approval, mindset, purpose and importance of spiritual presence in ones' soul.

These is to be published by May 2022.

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Share your expertise, community understandings & views, life experiences, how you overcame challenges or simply how you reached where you are, the steps and all!

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The new meaning of freedom


The theory of quick money


The millenial myths



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