Dime Cart is an online whole food and grocery retail market making the highest quality, healthy and sustainable products available for every budget and for all kinds of family class.

Monthly cycle based grocery delivery, users make orders of all their monthly food and daily living items needs and set the date of every month to be delivered.

Visioned to bring affordable grocery shopping experience to millions of consumers around kenya. Dime Cart is built to make every family accessible to a healthy living through reduced food expenses.

Online Retail Market
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Today’s consumers want everything! They want the advantages of digital, such as broad selection, rich product information and honest Customer Reviews. But never forget: They also want all the advantages of physical stores as well, such as personal attention and service, shopping as an event and engaging experiences.

Focusing on family needs, Dime cart is set to revolutionize the grocery shopping industry by taking the traditional wholesale family shopping to totally online with more convenience and money saving way.

The big idea behind Dime Cart is to create a sense of relief from how unnecessary food and grocery expenses can be cut off without actually cutting the value, engaging store/brand experiences and to optimize digital experience.

  1. All your monthly items needs delievered to your door at your desired date.

  2. Keep records of all your food and daily living items expenses and stay on a budget.

  3. Access to variety of top brands and products at wholesale price, that means you can get up 25-50% off retail prices.

  4. Members only benefit, reward and gift cards; such is free delivery etc.

How It Works!

  1. Sign up, set a budget. If the budget is passed while adding into the cart, you get notified - It's for everyone; for low in-come family, student, large families etc

  2. Search for the products you are looking for or choose from popular, add them to your cart - If a user prefers to browse, there are numerous ways you can filter through the store to find what you are looking for.
  3. - By grocery aisle e.g flour and meal, honey etc.
    - By area of the home e.g beauty, babies and kids etc.
    - By the popular tag or widely shopped items.
    - You can also shop with what's new and you can shop with deals.

  4. Check out and wait for the items to be delivered - made to save 25 to 50% of every shopper’s money. The goal at Dime Cart is to help users save money on food and daily used items, its important talking about numbers and service quality.
Dime Cart is right for you if -:
  • If you buy a lot of home products a lot once a month.
  • Staying safe from crowded markets.
  • Have a hard time finding specific items or foods.
  • You have limited time for grocery shopping.
  • Want to save money but not willing to go crazy watching sales or going to multiple stores.